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Strikerboy_LP Strikerboy_LP : Mein eigener Altis Life Server ist nun on! Joint doch mal:D

Servername: (Ger) Ilc german Altis Life Rpg#...
Server IP:

Enjoy your day:D
Schau doch mal vorbei!:D

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Petra Barna Petra Barna : ILC Hungary     Babies, hey there!!!!! Can you please like this site for me? would help me a loooooot, pleaseplease, only a click! :) in turn i will add you if you want so, just drop me a msg xx
1 hour ago - View -
zero2hero zero2hero : Last day of our ILC Young Carers camp today! Can't wait to have our heroes back!
2 hours ago - View -
Spotlight Music Therapy Spotlight Music Therapy : We are super excited for the Spring Music Therapy Concert with the Grandview High School ILC! The theme is "Music Through The Ages" and we have been preparing for this performance since January! Come on out and see the show this Friday! It starts right at 9:15 AM!!!
4 hours ago - View -
Rais Siswanto Rais Siswanto : Briefing Agenda ILC & Out Bond ASB II 2014
4 hours ago - View -
Eljay Perias Eljay Perias : Lifestyles ILC 2014 - Saturday, March 29th - ALBUM 2        
4 hours ago - View -
Christy Trevino Christy Trevino : Does anyone know what time the ILC building at San Jac open's tomorrow morning?
4 hours ago - View -
Rohan Singh Rohan Singh : Whenever I pass Khandala I stop by ILC and VALLERINA for few minutes to recollect all the memories that these places gave me... I guess that was the best time of my life
5 hours ago - View -
Caitlin Stewart Caitlin Stewart :     Overseen at the ILC: Exam season claims another victim.     Overseen at the ILC: Exam season claims another victim.
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Karen Almienda Basitan Karen Almienda Basitan : good morning ka ILC.. damag ko man

Do you think Garden of Eden still existing until now?
then where we can find that place?

7 hours ago - View -
Brent Schreyer Brent Schreyer : Hey there ILC friends! I assume that the musical is in full swing now. I was curious, what is the musical this year?
9 hours ago - View -
Monique Miller Monique Miller : interview at ILC tomorrow, I can dig it.
12 hours ago - View -
YMCA International Learning Center YMCA International Learning Center : Hello everybody, the ILC- Boston will be closed Friday, April 18- Monday, April 21 for spring break. Enjoy your break and see you on Tuesday!
14 hours ago - View -
Ignite Life Center Ignite Life Center : ILC News for April 13 - 19, 2014
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Sariah Sanz Sariah Sanz : Good morning beautiful ladies of the ILC! It has come to my attention that I have waaaay too much clothes, jewelry and books so I am having a spring cleaning sale today from 11:30am to 7pm. There will be lots of really cute clothes and jewelry, and if you're a literature major or just like books, there will be lots of books you need or will find interesting! So stop by apartment 5203 today!
15 hours ago - View -
Madonna Bistaga Pilagan Madonna Bistaga Pilagan :         Evening KA ILC
18 hours ago - View -
Ari Rusdian Sari Ari Rusdian Sari :         Lady bikers nya ILC :)
19 hours ago - View -
International Land Coalition International Land Coalition : ILC Annual Report 2013 | International Land Coalition     Today the International Land Coalition published its 2013 Annual Report, highlighting our national engagement in 20 countries to achieve secure land rights.
21 hours ago - View -
Evan Paul Owens Evan Paul Owens :         Some kids have better getting up to some frisky business in ilc-1
23 hours ago - View -
Phuc Tran Phuc Tran : I wanna hv a lazy morning tmr however it seem like that i hv to go to ilc soon b/c of da group meeting 4 presentation. i love to hv a long sleeping, ytd i stayed up too late 4 doing bio exc. puz~~~
23 hours ago - View -
Ozira Lyli Ozira Lyli : ILC
1 day ago - View -
Zyryx Caba-ot Zyryx Caba-ot : Mga ka-ILC...wHaT is Da ShOrTeSt mEmOrY vErSe In ThE BiBlE....?ada lolipop u kaniak no maanseran u dyta,hehehe
1 day ago - View -
Thais Beccaro Thais Beccaro :         Finally I got to the ILC, took a shower and ready for bed...

This was my day... Roger Hanlon started to work on his bathroom, what a thrill!!! After breakfast Patti and I went to get some last stuff, and I got back to the house to do some work before leaving to Armonk. Around 1:00 PM I had to say good my to my American "family", and start moving towards Armonk, on my way I stopped at Panera's for some lunch, where I had a nice broccoli and cheddar cheese soup, which by the way was GREAT!!! Ok, 1 hour later I'm at the IBM learning Center, check-in, got connected, and guess what, Roger left a msg saying I forgot my Laptop power cord over to his house... Yes, I got the car and drove all the way back to get it... Lord when will this day end... So after driving again 1 hour back to Poughkeepsie, getting my cord I thought, I deserve a little treat, so, I drove again, back to Armonk, and on my way back, I stop at the The Cheesecake Factory, GREAT I thought, I'm ending my day well after all... NOPE!!! wrong answer, when I get to the ILC took my stuff from the car, the shuttle just go by and I have to walk all the way up to my room, raining (Those that have been here knows what I'm talking about). Ok, I'm in my room now, decide to get some ICE... OH NO!! I lock the door with the key in there, I got no shoes on it, just socks, so I find a phone, call the front desk, they say the guy is coming, so I seat in front of my room door for at least 15 min waiting for someone to come... MY GODDDDDDD!!! all this in just 1 day.... GOD may I THANK YOU for giving me strength to go through this day!!! Well time to go to bed I'm not tiered, I'm EXHAUSTED... THE END!!!

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1 day ago - View -
Sak-en C Padma Sak-en C Padma : I'LL FLY AWAY by CHARLEY PRIDE     one of my most played gospel song...hapi hour ILC     I'll Fly Away by Charley Pride
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