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Erick Njera
Erick Njera : Mobile Uploads     The Agony Of Tribulation Period!! Life existence will be agonizing during the great tribulation period. Demonic forces will invade the Earth ferociously after the glorious rapture. During the great tribulation period, these demonic forces will cruelly torture and kill left behind believers who refused to be chipped (mark of the Beast: RFID Chip: 666). Martyred believers will come to heaven as great tribulation saints. It is better to die as a "Martyred" saint than running helter skelter in search of hidden places. Can you hide for 7 years? The worldwide tribulation period will last for 7 years! As steadfast rapture watchers, we will be among the raptured saints in Jesus name. We will walk on the golden streets of heavenly New Jerusalem with Jesus Christ and dwell in our heavenly mansions forever. Be perpetually ready for glorious rapture. Warning signs are manifesting worldwide. Rapture day is inevitable! Raptured or left behind? Decide now! Scoffing about rapture is not good. Rapture is a reality! Maranatha.    
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Mick Hunt
Mick Hunt : U2 Helter Skelter        
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William J Enhyde
William J Enhyde : Motley Crue - Helter Skelter     3 (Actually 4, But...)Of My Favorites From An Awesome Crüe Album: "Shout At The Devil"     KICK ASS
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Francis CityPulse Adebayo
Francis CityPulse Adebayo : City Pulse Nigeria: What To Do When You Can’t Afford Your Children’s School Fees (INTERESTING)     What To Do When You Can’t Afford Your Children’s School Fees (INTERESTING)

Most of our financial difficulties are self-inflicted. Each time a financial decision is to be made, we do have a choice. This includes the choice of school for our children.

Nobody can make you do what you don’t want to do. Nobody puts a gun to your head to send your child to that school.

I feel sad any time I see parents running helter skelter looking for money to pay their children’s school fees.

Some pile up debts in an...

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Sarah-Jayne Price
Sarah-Jayne Price : Epsom Downs Racecourse     Liked and shared
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Steve Hill
Steve Hill : Its helter skelter
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