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Ray Laliberte
Ray Laliberte : Photos of Pit Boss     Our honorary Dane Pebbles is in urgent need of a foster home or adoptive home or a rescue pull. She is the sweetest, happy girl but back in the kennel at the shelter she totally shuts down. What's upsetting is all the Pit rescues out there no one will help us. That is so sad that this girl may die because we can't help her. We will pull her and cover all her medical expenses if that one person could just step up and help Pebbles. We know she is ok with small dogs, seems to be fine with big dogs (Dane) we are not sure about cats and no kids because we don't know if she has ever lived with them. Please help us help Pebbles. Please email got serious inquires only.     Molly J O'Brien please pass the word to save her. This makes me so sad! Rachel Paliotta Wilson I would foster her to save her life but she cannot hurt my cats. So sad.
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Da'dra Crawford Greathouse
Da'dra Crawford Greathouse : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SON (I resisted the urge to call him my baby) EVAN! Mom and Dad are so proud of you. We love you more than you can imagine. I pray that God will reveal Himself to you in greater ways this year. I also pray that every dream God has for you will come to pass. You are the life of the party. LOL Your smile is so warm and although you are so big and tall, you give mommy the sweetest and most tender hugs. I also love your commitment and dedication to the house of God. I love your integrity when it comes to serving. God has big things in store for you! I love you soooooo very much. Have a great birthday!
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Jennifer Darling
Jennifer Darling : Twelve years ago today, God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl.The moment you arrived and the day you decided you were making your entrance into the world marked your character. You needed to let me know that you were going to have all of my attention . . . Yes it was the 1st day back to school. While I should have been overseeing getting the other kids prepared for school, you decided to hopitilize me from August 31st. From thereon, it was not difficult to recognize that you were a special and rare gem. Happy Birthday to the sweetest daughter in the whole world, my daughter #2, Shanliyah Darling. I love you with all my heart, my liver, my kidneys and 5 toes. Have a beautiful day my dear as you also embark another milestone. Today, you begin junior high. Be reminded to remain steadfast, focused, and purposed with God at the forefront of all you do.
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Kimberly Greenspan Pozner
Kimberly Greenspan Pozner : Mobile Uploads     Sam-our lives changed 12 years ago when you came into this world. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful boy inside and out! Enjoy the day and I wish you best wishes for the year ahead. You are the sweetest, most empathetic, kindest and most generous person I know. You make me so proud every single day. I love you too much! Mommy xo    
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Ahab Perrott
Ahab Perrott : Timeline Photos     Ready to party? Hannah is!! This little cutie is all decked out and ready to go and good news...she is in the DRBC Calendar Contest!!!! How about yours? Last day to enter!

Here is what her family shared about her:

My baby is the smartest, sweetest, cutest and most spoiled dachshund you will probably ever meet. It is just Hannah and me and she loves to play with one of her million toys. (she has so many and appreciates them all!) I chase her around the coffee table but if I don't want to play she will get all lovey with me until I give in. We talk to each other, she barks and I bark and she barks, etc. She sleeps under the covers with me and leaves me about enough room to fit on the queen size bed sideways! I wouldn't change a thing. I love her with all my heart and soul. She is a dopple and has those beautiful eyes that just touch your heart. Oh and she smiles and has a happy tail!    

33 minutes ago - View -
Cindy Joy Wilkerson
Cindy Joy Wilkerson : Dec. 2013 ~ Samuel     CJ WILKES PHOTOGRAPHY — with Samuel Wilkerson.     How can I not love such a QT! He is 8 today! The time flies so quickly - and he is still the cutest, sweetest, silliest, quirkiest, smartest little guy EVER. Love my Samuel Wilkerson! Happy Birthday little Man!

38 minutes ago - View -
Jbeli Khalil
Jbeli Khalil : I Know Your Life Can Go On
Without Me, That You Can Be
Happy Without Me, That You
Can Survive Without Me,
But Even If You Turn Me
Away, I Will Still Choose
To Stay With You, Be Your
Sweetest Stranger Forever...!!

51 minutes ago - View -
Brilliance Chidiebere
Brilliance Chidiebere :         Another day of joy to my world,forever greatful to God as d baby of d house clocks 2years today,may God continue to bless CHIMDIYA VIVIAN as she grows in God's presence n grace,under d umbrella of God I hide her all d days of her life n her sisters,HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEETEST BABY
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Mary Cynthia Fred
Mary Cynthia Fred : Happy New month to all the Marian Foundation students. :-).
In these month,no sorrow,no suffering,no sadness neither will there be agony in Jesus Name......Amen.
Secondly,for students that gratuated from Marian Foundation in the year 2013,please kindly inform others that one of our classmate lost his sweetest mum yesterday."Chidi Umeh" as named,lets sympathize with him. God bless as you do so.

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Hepsi Mande
Hepsi Mande : Happy Birthday to my sweetest Niece Bettie
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