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David Ortiz
David Ortiz :     Funny shit...     Feeling my way through the darkness

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David Ortiz
David Ortiz : Who has a Demonoid Invite code that they are willing to give to me? I don't remember my old shit anymore so need to make a new one.
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David Ricardo Babá Ortiz
David Ricardo Babá Ortiz :         Playin back that time I almost died in a tree...
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Ryan Michael Sanchez
Ryan Michael Sanchez : Timeline Photos     Big news everyone! On Saturday Dec. 27th, I will be playing at IRIS. I know Ive played there before, but this time its on a much better stage. We need to show IRIS that there is a crowd here for trance music! Ive never needed my friends support this badly. Lets show them how we throw down! I will be playing a very dark and psy filled set. I'd Love to see all my Atlanta Trance Family there dancing in the crowd!
Samir Cholera, Chad Spain, Chris Walker, Chris Orosco, Chris Machock, Kyle Nunn, Kyle Parrish, Kristin Iris, Erin Newton, Brian Engle, Rony Melo, Ryan Michael Sanchez, Nichelle Lovin'Life Frye, Vianney Cornejo, Lucy Zhou, Marcus Spencer, Ardell Tha Governa Strother, Valerie Bezner, Shelby Miller, Nikki Dee, Sabrina Ahsan, Samone' Finley, Chris McIntosh, Sandra Jana, Brandon Dean, Javier E. Pérez Ortiz Elisa Whitaker, Evan Pitstick, Brandy Landen, Soon Mac Kweon, Peyton FosheeJuan Naranjo, Amanda Killeen, Sarah Killeen, Kaitlin Killeen, Michaele Postell, Chris Altimeter, Kasey Quattlebaum, Kevin Anthony Quattlebaum, Sasha Mi, Whitney Arrowood, Erika Manus, Awol SigmaPi, Trevor Nasko, Ami Lynn Blackford, Leslie Alvarez, Roy Alvarez, Jin Kim, Alan Glaskox, Sonja Vass, Dawn Love, Pat Woowong, Angie Jaenke, Joshua Freehling, Math Woowong, Arturo Avalos, Cesar Flores, Dabid Wodinga Gracias, Jean-Marc David, Lauren Dutcher, Grace Chard, Haste Drei, Glenn Goodhand, Tony Aponte, Mark Henry, Inna Poghosyan, Denelle Parker,     Big news for our friend, Bryson Taylor, who will be performing at IRIS Saturday, Dec. 27th! Let's show support and come out in force!

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Estrella Carrillo
Estrella Carrillo : King Lil G - Hopeless Boy ft. David Ortiz (Official Music Video)         Music Video Directed By Ben Griffin AK47BOYZ BUNDLE PACKAGE: THE FIRST 500 GET A CONCERT PASS, SIGNED ALBUM AND SIGNED POSTER. BUNDLE INCLUDES CD, WRISTBAND,...
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Jose David Ortiz
Jose David Ortiz : Jose David Ortiz is at Metro Mall.    
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Polo Furking
Polo Furking : Spartans, What is your Profession? AS A BOSS I DO THE RIGHT THING CAUSE JUST LIKE THIS MAN SPEAK ON BEHALF OF HIS CREW IAM ON THE FRONT LINE WITH MY WHOLE CREW TEAM GERL ECT...SO WHEN I DO GIVE AN ORDER RESPECT IT SEE ITS NOT A BRAGGING OR A DISSING THING IF ANYTHING ITS A COMPLIMENT THING BUT IT IS A FACTS THING UNDERSTAND WHY IT IS HARD TOO CATCH SOMEONE LIKE ME LISTEN TOO WHAT THE KING TOLD THIS MAN WHOLE MAN TEAM AND MAYBE AND JUST MAYBE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY IAM AM WHERE IAM AT IN MY CAREER IT MAKES SENSE IAM JUST USE TOO MAKING DOLLARS Denise Wallace Fore Sonya Haslon Dawayna Clark Tuch Fetti Fila King Ramone Cooper Rachel Ortiz Daphne Ali Indrea Gordon Lamar Craig Harris Lamount Jordan Vanessa Lynne Daniels Stacey Green Daye Lewis Daylene Copeland Munford Rivers Hiez Whitehurst Kay Ef Ronni Vaughan Kim Brown Deanna Holland Latasha Joell Joey Pinkney Joe W Williams Angelica Scurry Tawanda Hinton Brittany Deeter Charles Rodeo Pryor Chan Davis Chanelle Remy Damon Frogg Cooper Moet PrinceCharming Williams Sh' MooreBooks Bronx Most Milton Saul David Ace Nadya Cooper Davida Berry Snap Burrell Victoria Diy Reeves Mrgumby Freeney DeeJay Real Ernest Rogers Ernest Ceo Red Taylor David G. Duke Chase Million Charcora Palmer Kerry Andrade Anyae Chanell Bell Tdiddy StayflyTy Sellers IV Ms.Leigh D Sheryl MMschel Jones Jay Parris Jay Premier Jaymes Leavitt     In 300, King Leonidas Meets Daxos and the other Arcadians
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R Salas SuperplastiKa
R Salas SuperplastiKa : Grey Compilation Vol 1    
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David Ortiz
David Ortiz : New Murder Case!    
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David Ortiz Mendoza
David Ortiz Mendoza : Timeline Photos     With Angie Mar Navarro and 41 others.    
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Capo & Comes
Capo & Comes : Grey Compilation Vol 1     **OUT NOW**

We are proud to announce the release of our own label Bit to Bit Records "GREY Compilation Vol 1"!

Includes tracks by th moy, David Devilla, Jonathan Calvo, Adrian Oblanca, Javi Ortiz, Tony Cox, Joe Berm and Wrighty (DJ/Producer).

Get your copy and support the artist!

FOLLOW Bit to Bit Records here:

Deep House from 120 bpm to Techno to 128 bpm.
Soundcloud downloable link .mp3 (320 kvps)


#DeepHouse #House #TechHouse #Music #BittoBitRecords #GreyCompilation

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AnGy MaGos
AnGy MaGos :         Posada 2014
Cobaej 3ºA
Fanny Quezada Aandreea Heernandeez Claarissa Loove Elizabeth Valdivia Nimsi Díaz Huerta Eloisa Nohemi Efigenio Lidiss Adaneely Carlos De Jesus Vela Suii Chavarii Ramon Isaias José David Bautista Ortiz Alex Garcia Santiago Murillo Virgen Sergio Alberto Guerrero Sanchez

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David Ortiz
David Ortiz : Timeline Photos        
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David Ortiz
David Ortiz : Timeline Photos     SHARE if you will declare this over your life with me today! — with Vanessa S Israel and 45 others.    
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