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Eric Kennedy
Eric Kennedy : Final Lap Twin (PCE) - Track 4

This song perfectly embodies the feeling of hands locked around the steering wheel, steady roar of the engine in your ears, and that need to cross the finish line first. I've never played the game, but I have to imagine the music makes it much, much better.

Man, when that second lead comes in, I can't help but make "guitar solo" face.

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Pierre Avellaneda Beltran
Pierre Avellaneda Beltran : Pearl Jam - Better Man    
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Odunlade Adekola fan
Odunlade Adekola fan : Akpos and Ekaitte got married.
Akpos was a "man about town"
so to speak,but Ekaitte was very
naive and uninformed about the
birds and the bees.
Akpos was a poor working man
and could not afford to take time
off for a honeymoon.
So, that night they retired to his
little shack.
When Akpos was undressing
Ekaitte said,"Oh Akpos, what is
Akpos being very quick thinking
said, "Eki baby, I am the only man
in the world with one of these."
And, then, he proceeded to show
her what it was for, and Ekaitte
was happy.
The next morning Akpos went
off to work as usual.
When he returned home that
evening, Ekaitte was on the front
porch obviously upset about
"Akpos, you told me that you
were the only man in the world
with one of those, and I saw Musa
the gardener changing his clothes
behind the shed, and he had one,
Thinking fast, Akpos said,
"Oh, Eki baby, Musa is my good
friend. I had two of them so I
gave him one. He is the only other
man in the world with one of
Ekaitte, not being knowledgeable
about these things, accepted his
answer, and they did their thing
again that night.
Akpos went off to work again
the next morning and when he
returned home, Ekaitte was very
upset, stamping her foot on the
Akpos said,
"Eki baby, what is the matter this
"Akpos, you gave mallam musa
the better one!!!"
#Akpos fainted!

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Sharon Anderson
Sharon Anderson :     Woman r so amazing ..dont it ??     I have always believed in "what a man can do, a woman can do - better" (especially in Africa.)

Not even in Brazil have I seen anything like this young woman's control of a soccer ball.
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Stuart Couperthwaite
Stuart Couperthwaite : Paolo Nutini-Better Man         Track #7 from Paolo Nutiny's 3rd studio album "Caustic Love" released in May 2014. *** -Fun-Music radio 69FM- non stop & mixed music 24/7 -Don't...
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Style mannan Thalaivar Rajini(Thalaivar na maassssss)
Style mannan Thalaivar Rajini(Thalaivar na maassssss) : Sonakshi Sinha on working with SuperStar in #Lingaa
It has been a fantastic experience. I could not have asked for a better start to my career in South industry. It is amazing to work with people who made me feel right at home. The director was impressed with the way I spoke the language, thanks to Prabhu Sir and A R Murugadoss. Everyone knows how big a star Rajini Sir is. People worship him across the globe but as a person, I am yet to meet someone as humble and down to earth as Rajini Sir is. In spite of his stardom, he is the simplest man present in this industry. He knows me ever since I was a kid and he is a family friend. My father and he are friends for years so I remember that the last time I met him was when I was a kid and we went to Chennai. Now when I was working opposite him, more than me, the pressure was on him to make sure nothing wrong happened to me.

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Akunne Okoli
Akunne Okoli : Akala - Fire In The Booth PART 2

~Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely BUT Absolute Powerless Does the Same
It's not Poverty
It's the Inequality we Live off Evryday tha will turn us Insane!
I'm Yet to see How this an Effective System
when Dogs and Cats Eat Better Food Than Humans Here in Britain

DAMN!!!!!!!!! Message Man! #GoTellEm!     Akala sets fire to the booth for Charlie Sloth in the Radio1 studios
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Norma Portobanco Carcamo
Norma Portobanco Carcamo : Happy Birthday to my son Valentino, No puedo creer que ya son baby boy is no baby anymore!! Love you Frank Carcamo, you are a Blessing from God our lives are better because of you May God Bless you and keep you safe, continue to be the good young man that you are, the sunshine of our lives!
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Jeff Meade
Jeff Meade : Montgomery gentry Lucky man     Couldn't be a better song about the very way I feel!    
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Tyler Thomas
Tyler Thomas : Alabama - Angels Among Us     Hearing this just makes me think of you man I still miss you everyday you were a brother to me and everytime I get down I think of this song and know you're right there with me helping me get better I love you man
I know you're a true angel Anton Kozelichki

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Lydon Lydie-Boi Press
Lydon Lydie-Boi Press : If you don't marry a good woman such as my wife.......You may just be a Steve :-) lol Wow 1 year gone by married to the woman of my dreams! Its been a year and Leonise is still as beautiful as the day I met her, (more cheeky but just as lovable) she's my other half of my brain coming up with solutions that I never think of, she's my conscious, she's what keeps me alive between every heartbeat, she's my role model, my super model she's my Kentucky Rounder :-P and what's best of all she's mine, all mine "MY PRRECIOUSSSS" I love my wife, and my family that's been added to me, I'm definitely blessed with a hellavalot of sisters lmao but I love everybody and couldn't have asked for a better wife and better skoonies! Thanks to my mom and sis for making me the man I am today which I can be proud of and a thank you to my WIFE for perfecting the man I have become and continuing to perfect me helping me the best man I can be! Happy Anniversary
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Stan Sher
Stan Sher : Automotive Internet Sales and BDC Training Firm Dealer eTraining Celebrates Four Years In...     This week I celebrated 4 years since I started Dealer eTraining. It has been an incredible journey and looking back I accomplished a lot. I have been fortunate to consult over 30 clients including dealers, vendors and even a few businesses outside of automotive retail. I have also been fortunate to speak at dealer associations and conferences. Now I am making even bigger power moves with a new offering. Throughout everything there are even haters that try to destroy my company and I at times. All it tells me is that I must be doing something right. I will keep moving forward and only getting better at my career. I will keep growing and being a better friend, family man and business person. I want to thank everyone for your support over the years. I appreciate every singe one of you.
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Donna Blanchard McNicol
Donna Blanchard McNicol :     Wow! Nine years old....     OMG! He is only 9 but oh man he can play the blues better than many seasoned Musicians... Wow!
Thanks Toby, you have a brilliant future!

SHARE with Friends, let's help Toby make it! :)
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Robert Gates
Robert Gates :     This is terrible.     DennisCeeTV posted a video on youtube of three hours walking in New York as a homosexual man. Dennis "dressing as a homosexual" simply means that he took on a persona of those who do incorporate this look into their individuality. Not every gay man dresses like this, but some do dress in a similar fashion and they are the ones who face this type of harassment. Saying, "Well if he didn't dress that way, he wouldn't have gotten harassed," is like telling a woman that she got raped because of the way she dressed. And after seeing this, do you you people REALLY think we "choose" to be gay, just to put up with this? The harassment that he receives ranges from being shoved, catcalled, and verbally assaulted. Honestly, you people have nothing better to do besides targeting someone because of their sexual preference or appearance? They assumed he was gay, because he dressed like the stereotypical homosexual man. People it's 2014. Please share
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Adam Roberto Huamán
Adam Roberto Huamán : thanks to a good friend Alex Ze for selling me his not new but not old vizio tv this shit is so so much better then what I had man thank you man for that deal
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Brian McPhee
Brian McPhee : Tony Toni Tone Anniversary     Patricia StillStanding McPhee 17 years strong. Happy Anniversary to my back bone. I love you with all my heart. Thanks for being more than I deserve. I thank the lord for putting you in my life, you've made me a better man.     This is baby making music
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Gary Robert Milgate
Gary Robert Milgate :         OMG! He is only 9 but oh man he can play the blues better than many seasoned Musicians... Wow!
Thanks Toby, you have a brilliant future!

SHARE with Friends, let's help Toby make it! :)
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Shane Wallis
Shane Wallis :         Feeling better knowing all this metal will be inside this Monday!
The docs are doing a great job putting me back together...only 3 more surgeries, God willing! ☺ Just call me the six million dollar man, lol!
Hope everyone has a safe and joyful remainder of your weekend.

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Princess Meisha'Jamarion Mommababy
Princess Meisha'Jamarion Mommababy : I'm so fucking bored in this hospital I'm so ready to go home 😶 but I just wanna thank god my baby doin better he still sick i just wanna know why is this happen to my baby 🙏 & the stuff they told me I'm not going to accept that 😔 I serve a big God Man Can Say Anything But Only God Know Why.! Just keep my lil man in your prays.!💯💯🙏🙏🙏
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Alessandro Orlandi
Alessandro Orlandi : Bruce Springsteen & Eddie Vedder- Better Man 13 10 2004        
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