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Douglas VanderMey
Douglas VanderMey : Mark,Don & Terry - Mister, You're A Better Man Than I ~ Terry Knight & The Pack -Vinyl edition        
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Cynthia Nozuko Mbangata
Cynthia Nozuko Mbangata : As I am studying the word, I came across this scripture (Ecclesiastes 5:5) better not promise at all than to make a promise and not keep it, beacuse ppl make promises to God and then they fail to keep it 4getting that God is not a man that He shud lie. . . Blessed day.
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Dr. Bob Stuber for Senate
Dr. Bob Stuber for Senate : I continue to be thrilled by the momentum of my campaign. I was 16 points down in Feb. now it is a horse race, and Schaaf is going to the well to try to defend his uncaring posture toward the poor and the middle class. My sense of caring and warmth has been earned over years of service to my fellow man. Now I want to serve once again, this time in the political arena. There is no doubt in my mind that I can be a better Senator than Schaaf. A good physician takes the time to listen to all complaints. A good politician must also be caring and take time to listen. Schaaf has tuned out the poor. He will soon be gone.
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Will Chirgwin
Will Chirgwin : Being As An Ocean - Dear G-d (Official Music Video) "I’m trying my best to be a better man. Despite all my fears, I really am"     Off of the album "Dear G-d" in stores now.
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Nicol Paul Miranda
Nicol Paul Miranda : How the rich get the poor to act against their own interests explained on Deep Space Nine         This scene between Bashir and Rom explains why there are so many poor and middle class who vote against their own interests, and support policies that only h...
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Jacson Ng Wai Keat
Jacson Ng Wai Keat : Robbie Williams - Betterman     [Countdown ♡ Day 77 ]
I promise you Cheng Yee, I will be a better man in future. u..     This is Robbie Williams with the Song Betterman!;) That's a soo great video!! Live at Later 2000 with Jools Holland! Hope you like it!;)
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Prince Joseph
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Chip Healy
Chip Healy : CHIPSTER Thought For The Day:

Today is a Holy Day of OPPORTUNITY!

I wish the Catholic Church would man up and admit they screwed a bunch of us up when they switched gears and went from Baltimore Catholicism to Vatican ll.

It was about the same time frame that new child rearing philosophies were transitioning from spare the rod, spoil the child to kill them with kindness techniques and ended up cracking the foundation of society.

It was crystal clear that as Roman Catholics we had rigid rules. Those rules were redefined with Vatican ll which many took to believe lightened them.

We are always looking for ways to do things quicker, easier, cheaper and in our own time.

We have weakened ourselves by submitting to our whims instead of our need to condition ourselves for a better life through discipline, restraint and responsibility.

Yes, we've become lazy and tolerant and more demanding of others than we are of ourselves. Like the world OWES us!

We OWE God! He OWNS us!

Going to Mass to celebrate His Sons sacrifice for our salvation should not have to be an 'obligation' as the church has labeled it. It is an OPPORTUNITY we should lovingly embrace. We shouldn't be doing it because we HAVE to. We should be doing because we're fortunate enough to be ABLE to.

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Wintola Tejumade Ayokunmi
Wintola Tejumade Ayokunmi : James Oluwa Seun    
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Steven Boswell
Steven Boswell :         My special daughter as now left for the isle of white with her mum Nettie I did well not to shed a tear in front of my girl but they are flowing now half of my life I shared with her mum so you could say ive also lost my best friend even tho we are no longer a couple we have remained close we will always have that bond wish Nettie all the best over there and thank you for my daughter sapphire dealy will miss her heart breaking not tp give a kiss and a cuddle also my son Toby a great lad so proud to see the man he his becoming l and my boy will now be living together very soon we shell look
after each other the last thing I shell keep in my memories is this day and my precious sapphire saying daddy I love you with tears in her eyes a cuddle and a kiss but ay im her dad no island will stop me from seeing my girl I would travel the world for that special cuddle and kiss cus daddy luvs ur and please to the man upstairs dont let no harm come to Nettie and sapphire all I ask and I promise you I will become a better man ive not been perfect but who is one thing for sure thats going to change and im going to be the best dad that I can for the future me my self my adventure starts now so in my own words cam on!!! Stevie you like a challenge so now it begins

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Stephen Brunton
Stephen Brunton : Day 1 Movember. I'm 10 months of the cigarettes and that was a choice I made to quit them and although I probably don't realise it I'm 100% better off without them. Now I have the chance to change or make a difference for someone who doesn't have the choice or option and so I'm doing Movember again. Pls donate whatever you can for this great cause as I'm sure everyone has a man in there life be it a father husband brother son uncle. I'll post a photo everyday so keep a look out for the handlebars.
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Anthony Polito
Anthony Polito : Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway - Official Video     R.I.P little man, 2008 seems like just yesterday, I remember this was your favorite song from your favorite movie I'm gonna pick this up today and watch with you all day I may not be religious but I hope and pray that where ever you are you can see me and see how much in have been trying to make everything better it doesn't seem to be going the way I planned but in a sense I am progressing, I need you more than ever right now little buddy if there is any chance in the world you can hear me or see this please give me the strength I need to make everything ok I hope I'll get to visit you today I'm gonna try my hardest to get to the cemetery anyway I love you little man I'll see you again real soon I promise
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Paul H Bush
Paul H Bush : Hello CMF

Today is the day we make a "Stand For Justice" in South Carolina. I am again asking that each of you make every effort to be at the African Culture Center on this morning (Nov. 1, 2014) 120 York Street Aiken SC. no later than 9:45am to allow our voices to be heard and our faces to be seen as we through Jesus Christ bring hope to the hopeless and a voice for the voiceless. Show what you are willing to stand for weather it be better education, health care, public safety, our veterans, faith community, Civil rights, diversity, the right to FREELY VOTE, and social - civil JUSTICE For ALL MAN KIND! CMF is "ONE Voice For All People."

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Maria Helena Goncalves
Maria Helena Goncalves : Robbie Williams - Better Man     Tribute to Robbie Williams: The Man The Musician Music: Robbie Williams - Better Man
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Alli Hunt Hogan
Alli Hunt Hogan : Kelley, Hogan Take Top Big South Women's Soccer Honors     Because my husband is extraordinarily humble and won't ever say anything....I will :)
Just could not be prouder of this man............he works harder than anyone I have every met, cares more than anyone I know, and is better than the rest ;) (not that I'm biased.....) He and his girls have worked non stop for the last 3 years and have taken it from a pretty awful place, right to the top and I'm just so incredibly proud. LOVE YOU PAUL!!!! And love all you ladiessssss!!! Y'all are inspiring and I'm so happy for you

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Maria Helena Goncalves
Maria Helena Goncalves : Robbie Williams - Better Man     Tribute to Robbie Williams: The Man The Musician Music: Robbie Williams - Better Man
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Katin' Hamm
Katin' Hamm : [Official MV] อยากจะดีกว่านี้ (Better Man) - อั๋น เจษฎา     Fookfick Haha 💕     Listen This Song :: Download This Song :: Download on iTunes :: หรือโทร ...
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