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Colton Armijo
Colton Armijo : Should I start Foles or Romo week 1?
4 minutes ago - View -
Not being a San Francisco Giants fan
Not being a San Francisco Giants fan : Suck it, Giants. Walk off win for the Rockies. Thanks, Sergio Romo!
13 minutes ago - View -
Sam Romo
Sam Romo :         Happy Labor Day Indeed...
41 minutes ago - View -
Gm Yuli Romo
Gm Yuli Romo : Guro Igz Caz of Yuli Romo Filipino Fighting Arts showing Castigado flow using Body/Stepping only         Guro Igz Caz of Filipino Fighting Arts showing Castigado random flow/sparring using body/stepping only, no footwork. Thanks to Mark Taylor for participating.
Watch the video: video

47 minutes ago - View -
Jet Romo
Jet Romo :        
50 minutes ago - View -
Marisol-crystal Romo
Marisol-crystal Romo :         Fresno family fun day
1 hour ago - View -
Marisol-crystal Romo
Marisol-crystal Romo :         Look at that smile he had a blast in Fresno today
1 hour ago - View -
Jeanette Wilson
Jeanette Wilson : to all " my kids" that are returning to school tomorrow... study, I know that isn't fun. ok, make good memories with friends. the friends you make in school are part of your lives forever. for a few of you, this is your last year of high school, sigh, make the most of it, the harder you work in high school the easier it will be in the big world after school. for all you underclassmen, you have a few years to think about what you want to be when you grow up, but don't put off getting your ducks in a row for where you want to go to school. it is never too early!! so enough of these words of wisdom... enjoy and know that I think and worry about each and every one of you, so keep making me proud to say " hey I know that kid!" Jesse Hunkins, Reegan Anderson, Wyatt Todd Richtmyre, Hailey J. Anderson, Demi Albro, Dylan Nigh, Thomas Sachs, Natalie Romo, Jeff Baughman, Sierra Dahl,Savannah SwiontekMegan Nigh, Patience Turner, Molly Turner, Shannon Sachs, Brayden Jodi N Scott Chamberlain Dylan & ColtonMosinskiAmy Jo Ulrich-Hoffbeck, Brooke and Morgan Anderson, Matt & Courtney Nicki Lukas, Tyler Debra Hutkowski, Maci Mae Sarah Ulrich, and Ryan Merila. I hope I didn't forget anyone!!
1 hour ago - View -
David Valencia
David Valencia : We already know how this will end...

Romo is gunna get the blown save, Giants go 3 n out Top 10th, and then Blanco will make a running error for the 2nd out in Top 11th, Susac pinch homers oppo taco... Right?

1 hour ago - View -
NY Football Giants Fans
NY Football Giants Fans : Timeline Photos     Jon Beason is back and it looks like Romo is scared...
New York Giants Memes     Yes!

1 hour ago - View -